The JBF Vision

Our vision is to help and keep helping children all over the developing world with a voice to speak where they would otherwise not be able to.
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How We Help

Helping Families is what we do

VitaTree™ Nutritionals is committed to bridging the gap between impoverished children and their families in developing countries and the developed world. Proceeds of VitaTree™ nutritionals are donated to The Janine Bowring Foundation (JBF). Most impoverished citizens of the developing nations lack the basic essentials of life, namely food, water and shelter. The JBF is committed to providing:

  • Food
  • Clean water
  • Educational materials
  • Healthy lifestyles for those families less fortunate. 

We are starting our programs in more than 10 developing countries; our long-term community programs will benefit more that 1 million children and impact the lives of 5 million more people. JBF is not affiliated with any religious, political or government sectors.

Where we work
Our programs are centered to help children and adults in African Villages, Latin America, Caribbean communities and in many more developing countries. This is made possible through partnership programs and funds raised globally from various countries, including Canada and the US.

Thanks to You:
Thanks to our partners and donors, The Janine Bowring Foundation (JBF) is able to utilize 100% of the public money raised to implement, plan, supervise, operate and report on programs within the areas of health, learning, habitat, livelihood and building lives. We greatly appreciate your generosity and help. We can change and effect lives because of people like you.

Donor accountability Principle
The Janine Bowring Foundation is committed to helping the needy in the developing world bridge the gap between the poor and the affluent, placing various accountability mechanisms to create transparency and integrity for our supporters. These mechanisms respect and value the donations received and we endeavor to set an example for other non-profit organizations to follow. Hence we are proud to be a part of Imagine Canada’s Ethical Code Program and to support the Donor Bill of Rights.

Ethical Code Program
By adhering to these standards, The Janine Bowring Foundation (JBF) is complying with generally accepted practices for soliciting and managing donor dollars. Canada’s Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code lay out a set of standards for charitable organizations to manage and report their financial affairs responsibly.
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Donor Bill of Rights
An Accountability Charter was launched in 2006 by 11 major international non-governmental organizations.
This Charter puts forward nine Operating Principles:

  • Respect for universal principles
  • Independence
  • Responsible advocacy
  • Effective programs
  • Non-discrimination
  • Transparency
  • Good governance
  • Ethical fundraising
  • Professional management.

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