The JBF Vision

Our vision is to help and keep helping children all over the developing world with a voice to speak where they would otherwise not be able to.
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Do donations to The JBF go just to children?
To help children in a lasting way, aid must be given to the child's family and community to become self-sufficient. By improving the facilities and resources in the communities where children live, the JBF’s projects help give children their best chance of fulfilling their potential in the long-term future. JBF provides help to children and families living in poverty in various countries, regardless of religion, race or nationality. 

Do I have a say as to where my money goes?
Yes, donations and gifts in kind, are directed by you.  We believe in the importance of a donor’s personal direction of their contribution.  A superior feeling of helping others is attained through the knowledge of where your money is spent.  If you can visualize where your donation has been implemented, you can attain a greater sense of goodwill and philanthropy.

Is the JBF a registered charity in Canada?
Yes.  The Janine Bowring Foundation is officially registered as a charitable organization with the Federal Government of Canada awaiting the Charitable Registration number.

Can we give the gift of Hope as a Group?
Absolutely! Groups can combine their resources to give to the children and families. Schools, clubs, businesses, religious groups and associations are all welcome. Be a part of our program give a gift of Hope today!